• 5 Top Tips For Boosting Social Media Traffic and Conversions

  • Getting social media traffic that results in conversions can be a tricky task. However, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 top tips for increasing social media traffic and conversions.

    1.     Visuals! Visuals! Visuals!

    In the modern world in which we live, visual content has become increasingly important to retailers and digital marketers. Content with relevant photos, videos, and infographics, according to statistics, have gained a colossal 94% more views than content without.

    Social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are great outlets for driving traffic to your website. Why? Well, these platforms are visually-heavy sites that harness potentially impressive selling power.

    It must be said, however, that simply putting up visual content for the sake of it will be just as detrimental as no visuals at all. There will be times when a video may be more effective than written content - this is especially true in tutorials. At the end of the day, the key is to engage and inspire the visitor, so don’t be skimpy on content related visuals.

    2.      Optimize For Mobile Use

    In a world where almost everything is accessible at your fingertips, via tablets and mobile phones, it’s imperative that you utilize these gadgets as a means of boosting social media traffic. As previously mentioned, platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook - to name a few, can prove to be quite useful in reaping high conversion rates. 

    Isn't it funny how the mobile phone has essentially become a computer than can make phone calls? On average, most people use their phones more for internet browsing and social media use, as opposed to the very reason they were invented - phone calls.

    3.      Valuable & Share-Worthy Content

    It’s a known fact that in the digital marketing world, content is king. Posting valuable, high-quality, share-worthy content is almost guaranteed to increase search rankings and traffic rates.

    Researching your content’s popularity is highly recommended, and with tools like BuzzSumo you can almost fine tune what content will gain the most response on social media platforms. This also means that you save a ton of time on content that won’t attract your target audience’s attention.

    Speaking of target audience, it helps to know who you’re directing your content towards. Knowing your target audience guarantees your content will be shared by the right people and attract the right visitors.

    Once you’ve nailed your target audience, the icing on the cake is in making your content easy to share. Plugins and social sharing buttons make life easier for visitors to share your content and make it viral. 

    4.      Keep It Simple

    Given the nature of the modern, fast-paced world in which we now find ourselves, the attention span of people has significantly reduced. As a result, lengthy, detailed social media updates can easily be skipped over. Keep updates concise and simple and you’re almost guaranteed to keep the attention of your followers.

    Short and sweet is the way to go when cramming information into an update. Twitter allows a maximum of 140 characters, but this doesn't necessarily mean that you have to take that up as a challenge. For Twitter, an update of half the maximum restriction, about 71 characters, is ideal and can attract more followers.

    5.      #Hashtags

    Hashtags, when used effectively, can boost your social media update significantly. Always try to keep them short and to the point and make sure they are relevant to your content - i.e irrelevant hashtags are a form of spam.

    The great thing about hashtags is they will increase viewership, build social followers, attract potential customers, build your brand, and of course, generate revenue. Hashtags are a super effective contributor to any social media marketing strategy - isn't that #awesome?

    Explore our 5 simple tips, along with the collection and analysis of customer data to determine which strategies best work for the social media traffic and conversions you've dreamt of.