• Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

  • “38 new email messages! I really need to check those. Oh wait, I completely forgot my appointment with my new client. Now my phone’s ringing - it’s the hotel confirming my reservation. Speaking of reservation, what time was dinner again? Pick up the kids and feed the dog! I knew I was forgetting something.” STOP!

    Okay, if this sounds all too familiar, then that’s not quite a good thing. You’re on the go a lot, and you feel as though there are 25 hours of busy in a 24 hour day, well here’s something to consider - get a virtual assistant (VA). There’re countless advantages and benefits of hiring a VA that extend far beyond just answering emails and reminding you to feed Fido. Take a look at some of the benefits.


     So Much To Do…So Little Time

    Let’s start with the obvious advantages. A virtual assistant can help you manage your daily tasks within your day-to-day routine. Things such as:

    1. Email management
    2. Hotel & flight reservations
    3. Appointment & calendar management
    4. Social media management and updating
    5. Document creation
    6. Meeting minutes & transcription
    7. Recruitment for projects
    8. Blog management
    9. Personal reminders - picking up the kids, personal appointments, and yes, feeding Fido!
    10. Personal errands - anything that can be done online (buying gifts, flowers, etc.)

    Reduce Your Expenditures

    This is probably one of the greatest benefits of hiring a virtual assistant. Payroll, vacation days and vacation pay, sick days, office space, employee benefits like health insurance, and overtime, are all a thing of the past when you hire a VA. This significant reduction in labor can save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.

    Flexible Schedule

    With most virtual assistants, they work around your schedule to carry out the tasks you have little time for. Virtual assistants can work during hours that are not considered to be normal business hours and are paid for the time spent on your tasks. There’s no need to worry about finding enough work to allocate to a part-time employee to justify the money spent on the hours they work.

    Skills & Training

    “I have no idea how to create a pivot table in MS Excel.” When you hire a virtual assistant, you’ll have no need to worry about the skills you may not necessarily have to get a job done. Unlike part-time employees, a virtual assistant may require little to no training at all, and might even already possess the skills required to accomplish a particular task. Again, this will save you loads of precious time and money.

    Social Media Management

    For the very busy business person who already doesn't have enough hours in a day, managing the social media accounts of your business can be an absolute pain. In this modern age of technology, where social media is a meaningful asset to businesses, hiring a virtual assistant to manage your social media accounts can prove to be an essential advantage.

    Personal Life

    No more forgetting anniversaries, birthdays, family events, and of course, Fido. Apart from your business life, a virtual assistant can remind you of birthdays and other important occasions in your personal life.

    In the event that you do remember that special occasion, but you just can’t find the time to nip out and buy a gift, your virtual assistant can easily make an online purchase for the gift that best suits the occasion. Since there’s a constant mention of Fido, yes, your virtual assistant can even remind you to feed your dog or pet.

    A virtual assistant is more than just an assistant, it’s a collaborative partner that provides essential services, making your life and schedule a lot easier, lighter, and manageable, one task at a time. When you hire a virtual assistant, you can regain aspects of your personal life that may have been lost in your daily routine, while at the same time, watch your business life grow and develop to the standards and goals you originally wished to reach.