• The Importance of having a Social Media Strategy

  • You may be wondering, “What exactly is a social media strategy?” Simply put, it’s a means by which your company will effectively use social media to achieve its communication goals - including the platforms needed to achieve this.

    A good social media strategy works in parallel with other channels, such as media and advertising, and integrates into the overall business and communication plans of the company. In a nutshell, it’s super important. Here’s why.

    Social Media Is Still Growing…and Fast!

    It’s not hard to see that the modern world we live in is driven by fast-paced technology, and at the forefront of this fast-growing industry is the world’s improved mobile connectivity. Things these days are uploaded to the social parallel universe in real-time.

    Here’s where your business can really cash in. With a good, targeted, social media plan, you can now pinpoint and connect with existing and potential customers for very inexpensive costs. Paid, scheduled advertisements on Facebook and Instagram can significantly increase consumer viewership and conversions, maintaining a happy and flexible budget.

    Get The Jump On Competitors

    The lack of a social media strategy is the equivalent of playing chess with blindfolds on. Nowadays, it’s very rare for a company to have no social media presence - although not impossible. Much like our aforementioned chess game, no social media strategy means your competitors already have the upper hand on you.

    Social media strategies allow for the monitoring of campaigns, advertisements and marketing events - to name a few. Posting for posting sake is just as bad, if not worse, as not posting at all. For example, a company who posts on social media just to give the illusion that they're active and busy would never stand a chance against a company that posts at a specific time, to reach a specific target audience, to yield a specific number of conversions. After all, a good chess player won’t just move the queen without a plan, just for the sake of moving her!

    It’s All About Reputation

    Social media is where a company’s reputation goes to either fly or die. Consumers, visitors, and customers now have a voice and direct line to both the company and the world via social media. It’s all fun and games when the good reviews are coming, but what happens when the reviews of discontent start to rear their ugly heads?

    A good social media strategy will usually encompass a ‘What To Do” should disgruntled customers and bad press come knocking. A bad review is bad enough, but a bad response is even worse.

    Social Media Is The Dwelling Place For Customers

    It’s pretty safe to say that the majority of people these days use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as their primary sources of content. Gone are the days, or better yet, going are the days when email and other traditional forms of media were the popular sources for news, entertainment, and daily happenings.

    Here is where a good social media strategy is important. To effectively connect with customers, a good social media strategy aligns with the more traditional forms of communication. Although it may only be a portion of your customer base that uses social media, the potential and possibilities for new clients are seemingly endless via social networking, but this potential can only be fully achieved with a solid strategy.

    Social Media Influences & Gains Trust

    It’s no secret that customer ratings, reviews, and feedback have a significant influence on selling a brand’s credibility. Customers generally view feedback from other customers as trustworthy.

    A good marketing campaign, integrated with a social media strategy, can effectively connect with customers all over the world. Maintaining a strong, strategized, social media presence can maintain your company’s relevance in this growing parallel world.

    Well, there you have it. A few points on the importance of a social media strategy. Like any other form of marketing, social media - when used effectively, can boost a company’s popularity, conversions, and brand integrity. As we mentioned before, it’s most effective when used alongside a detailed marketing plan.